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At Lifetime Fitness Solutions we are committed to your personal success. We promise to do all we can to provide you with a positive and supportive system that will help you reach your fitness goals no matter what they are. We are just as invested in your goals as you are and just as passionate about you reaching them. Your success is our success!

            WHO WE ARE


Lifetime Fitness Solutions is an in-home personal training service that offers a wide variety of programs that have been proven effective at helping people of all ages and fitness levels meet their goals. We bring the gym right to the comfort and privacy of your own home. There is is no need to pay for expensive gym memberships and then personal training fees on top of that! Our programs are designed based on your goals as well as what we feel you can benefit the most from. Our comprehensive and FREE fitness assessment and reassessments track your progress from start to finish. 


You don't need any equipment or experience to get started, just the passion to want to change you life and health for the better. 

            WHO WE HELP


Lifetime Fitness Solutions was founded to help busy people, who can't find the time to get to the gym, do something proactive for their health and wellness. We cater to all ages and fitness levels. Stay-at-home parents, busy professionals, and seniors who have difficulty getting into the community are just some of the clients that Lifetime Fitness Solutions assists. Why spend your hard earned money and valuable time trying to get to the gym everyday, when you can have the gym come to you?


Need more evidence to make your decision? See what Aaron's other clients have to say about his services here.

            WHAT WE DO


Your path to a healthier lifestyle starts with our FREE comprehensive fitness evaluation. Our trainer spends times talking to you about your medical history, lifestyle, diet, and past exercise program to identify possible barriers to reaching your goals. He then looks at several different variables including posture, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular fitness in order to determine what areas you should most focus on. He then designs a personalized training program that combines your goals and his, that will produce the most effective and functional training program for you. Exercise is only one component of your program however. Our trainer counsels you on nutrition and supplementation to ensure that you are maximizing the hard work you will be doing for maximum results.

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