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What happens to your patients after their formal therapy ends? In a perfect world we would all love to see our patients continue with therapy until they regain normalized function, but with ever tightening insurance rules and cuts to benefits, that this is almost never the case. Often times patients are discharged and never reach their maximum functional potential due to low adherence to prescribed home exercise programs. With our rehabilitative training, Lifetime Fitness Solutions gives your patients the option to continue the hard work they did in their therapy with more of a focus on regaining normalized function to return to their daily activities and enjoy a more active and  healthy lifestyle. With his unique background in both personal training and physical therapy, trainer Aaron Morales can design a fucntional, safe, and effective training routine that picks up where your therapy left off. You can feel secure in the fact that you are referring your patients to a trainer that knows the proper contraindications to prevent further injury. Lifetime Fitness Solutions is commited to progressing your patients to their maximum potential and will work with you to ensure that this happens. 

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