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Liftetime Fitness Solutions offers a wide range of services that can help you meet all of your goals. From personal training to nutritional counseling, Lifetime Fitness Solutions can offer you what you need to help you start your path to a new life.  



We deliver gym quality workouts right in the comfort of your own home. You don't even need any equipment. Never again worry about finding a babysitter. Gone are the days of getting home from a long day at work just to change and take that long drive to the gym. Don't miss a great workout because you feel intimidated in the gym environment. From weight loss to sports training we can do it all.

new london personal fitness trainer
new london personal fitness trainer

Training for a specific sport is a complicated process and most Certified Personal Trainers are not suited to help you maximize your performance. Our trainer  is NSCA CSCS certified and has years of experience helping athletes from a wide variety of sports and competitive levels get the most during competition. 

New london group fitness


Group training can be a great way to offset the cost of one-on-personal training. Training with family or friends can motivate and challenge you during your workouts and add a new element to the personal training experience. What better way to bond than by the sweat of your own brow. 

new london personal fitness trainer


Have you ended formal physical or occupational therapy, but aren't quite 100%? Our trainer's physical therapy education and experience as a former orthopedic and neurologic physical therapist ensures that you are getting safe and effective training that can improve your function and quality of life. We specilize in working with stroke and Parkinson's patients, as well as post surgical hip, knee, and shoulder patients.  If you are a physical/occupational therapy provider or MD and want to learn more click here.

new london personal fitness trainer


The constant use of computers and cell phones today are causing worsening postures in the population. Side effects of poor posture can include headaches, neck and back pain, and fatigue. We offer home and office ergonomic assessments and well as postural corection training that can improve posture and reduce neck and back pain. 

new london nutrition counseler


Exercise is only one component of a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition is vital to total health and wellness, and a sound nutrition plan can support your primary exercise goals. We don't believe in telling you what to eat, as this does not promote long-term adherence. Instead, we educate you to help you make healthier choices. 

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