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The Secret of Weight Loss! (Part 1)

Flip through your TV channels on any given night and chances are that you will see at least one infomercial that guarantees results with just one piece of equipment. People will provide their testimony about how this piece of equipment changed their life and help them lose 50 pounds in no time. Well ladies and gentleman, allow me to ruin your day. It doesn't happen that way. So does that mean that these people are lying? Not exactly. I have no doubt that these people saw real results with the program...but look a little closer next time at the bottom of the screen. More than likely you will see a disclaimer along the lines of "results not typical". Which in fact is true. These people are in a small minority that will see results, but here is a little insight for you. Chances are that these people were very sedentary to begin with, that is to say they were not very active. Thus once they begin to be a little more active it's only natural that they will see some results. Now let's fast-forward about a year and look at these people again. I'm gonna bet that chances are they fall into one of two groups. 1) They were so motivated by their weight loss that they continued to lead a healthy lifestyle, they have maintained their weight loss and lived happily ever after. Not likely. 2) After their initial weight loss they quickly reached a plateau, became unmotivated and regained the weight, and most likely a little more. Unfortunately for most this is the more realistic outcome. So what went wrong? These people fell into the trap. The trap that many of us are guilty of falling for. The trap that weight loss has some big secret to it. That it can be attained and maintained with just minutes a day. Sorry. No. The secret to weight loss is this...........THERE IS NO SECRET. The decision to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is HARD WORK. It is tiring, it sucks, and if you have any sort of sanity chances are that you will ask yourself on more than one occasion, "why am I putting myself through this hell?" Losing weight requires commitment, sacrifice, and most importantly being realistic with your expectations. Keep reading for part two and we will start to learn what weight loss is really about.

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