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The Quick Ass-Kicker

I DON'T HAVE TIME. No combination of four words in the English language annoy me more. This is the most common excuse I hear as to why someone doesn't exercise. Well let me tell you something. If you have time to stuff another bite of fast food in your mouth; you have time to workout. I think there may be a misconception out there that a decent workout needs to be hours long, but this is not reality. If you give yourself 30 minutes a day you can make a significant change to your body. If you still want to tell me that you don't have time for that then stop reading my blog because your full of shit and you want to talk a big game, but not do anything about it.

The Quick Ass-Kicker

This workout is so named for 2 reasons....1) It is quick....2) It is an ass-kicker. For this workout to be effective you will need to fully invest yourself for the whole 30 minutes. You will have to push through and adhere strictly to the work/rest periods. If you can't do a specific exercise just do what you can and work up to it slowly. Doing something is better than nothing (always remember that). This program is meant to be run as a 4 exercise circuit. You will do all exercises for 1 minute a each without a rest between. After you have done 1 circuit, you will take a minute rest and then start again. The four exercises plus the rest will take 5 minutes total. You will do the whole circuit 6 times totaling 30 minutes.

Getting Started

Here is what you will need to get going:

- 1 pen

- 1 pad of paper

- Some way of keeping time. Stopwatch, a smart phone with a clock, an actual clock, or something similar

When you do each exercise you will keep track of how many reps you can complete in the 1 minute time period. The goal is that each time you do this workout you will try to improve by doing more reps in the same 1 minute period.

The Routine

Exercise 1 - Squat Thrusts

Start by standing with your hands at your side. Squat down and place your hands on the floor, just outside your feet. With your hands firmly placed on the floor, jump back with your feet so that you end up in a push up position. Keeping your core tight, quickly jump the feet back to the position between your hands. Return to the standing position. Repeat

Here is a video:

My only gripe with this video is his sloppy form. Keep the core tight when you jump back so you do not sag. If this variation is too tough then walk out and back instead of jumping. If you want a greater challenge add a jump at the end to make it a true burpee.

Exercise 2 - Power Jacks

I must give credit where it is do. I got this move from Shaun T's Insanity series and I love it. It is TOTAL BODY. Start in standing with you hands by your side and core tight. Start the jumping jack as normal landing with your feet wider than shoulder width. As your feet hit the ground you are going to go into a squat and bring the hands down wide to your sides so that they are outside your legs (almost so that they . Push from the bottom of the squat forcefully to drive yourself into the up portion. The rest is like a regular jumping jack. As you come up your feet come together and you clap your hands overhead.

Her form is good, but she doesn't go down far enough for my liking.

Exercise 3 - Mountain Climbers

Starts in a basic push up position with your shoulders over your hands. Leaving one foot on the floor bring the other forcefully up to your chest. Quickly alternate so that as one foot is going back the other is coming forward. This almost looks like you are running with your hands on the ground.

Exercise 4 - V Push Ups

A little exercise of my own. It can be found on insanity as well, but I was doing these long before it cam out. Start in a push up position with one main difference. Bring your butt way into the air so that your body resembles an upside down v shape. Before you start rotate your hands inward slightly so that your fingers are pointing towards each other. Slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself to the ground making sure to keep your butt in the air and your elbows pointed out to the sides. You will not go down more than 4-6 inches. Push yourself back up and repeat. Sorry no video for this one.

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